May 2004

May 18, 2004

Near Elk

A Northern California sunset.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the Elk Cove in Northern California, 2004.

May 13, 2004

Live from the Honeymoon

My lovely wife (wife I tell you!) was good enough to greenlight the bringing of my trusty PowerBook on this here honeymoon of ours. First of all, for those of you I’ve mislead (due to my own confusion about exactly when and where we were spending this little vacation), we’re actually near Mendocino, not Guerneville. Specifically, we’re in the town of Elk (pop. 250). Cell phones and pagers don’t work here (not that we own any) and there aren’t even phones in the rooms at this inn. Nevertheless I’ve MacGyvered up a special connection just to bring the public directly into the honeymoon experience.

Maybe that’s offering too much. As it should probably suffice to say, we’ve been having a very nice, relaxing time out here. The cat and the landlady have had the run of our apartment for the week and we’re appreciative of their willingness to keep an eye on the place. The weather has been incredible and there’s so little to do out here that we’ll be happy to get back to our lives now that we’ve soaked up some rest.

Thanks to all who’ve sent happy thoughts and to those who shared the day with us. =-)

May 7, 2004


I walked into a conference room today. There were balloons. And a cake. And a gift on the table. I realized these things were there but somehow I scooted them off to the edges of my perception and busied myself with the process of reconnecting my laptop to the office’s wireless network before the meeting started. Minutes passed. The room was filling up with people, I was having trouble with my computer, Mena looked at me and asked, “Are you not aware that all this is for you?”

I was not. =-)

My coworkers threw me a very nice little party with a delicious cake and a thoughtful gift. And I think if they hadn’t explicitly stated so, I would have never realized it was for me. Heh. Very much appreciated.

[Elsewhere: Mie’s party post, complete with phobia confessions and photos. (Why do I wear that red shirt? I look humongous in that shirt.)]

May 5, 2004

One Twizzler Over the Line

A San Francisco Bay Area sunset.

Bryce, Art, Rob, Nick, and Justin whisked me off to Yosemite this past weekend for a bit of a bachelor party. An obscene amount of junk food was consumed. A good time was had by all. I have some excellent friends, and brothers.

The photo on this entry was not taken this weekend but rather this evening. At about eight o’clock, on 880, near the Maze, at about 80 mph, facing West, obviously.

[Forgive me a few FUDs: Mac OS X may get a metadata-rich filesystem before Windows, Longhorn evokes comparisons to Apple’s Aqua interface, and it’s rumored to have ridiculous hardware requirements. (For the sake of comparison, Panther runs beautifully on a 4.5-year-old PowerMac.)]

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