June 6, 2004

A Little Better, All The Time

This evening I fixed a bug with the way iWalt.com renders in IE 5 for Mac that I’ve been meaning to address for an incredibly long time. And it was so simple. I wouldn’t bother trying to support such an old browser but it seems to have a strong following in one of my key demographics: my family.

Totally unrelated: Safari. “The fastest browser on the Mac — the best browser on any platform.” =-)


Dude - It’s not that we’re living in the past man, it’s just that IE 5 is groovy. Keep on truckin’ and peace on!

Walt Dickinson

Truck we shall. And so too continue supporting the quasi-standards compliant browsers of the people we love. =-)

What was the IE5/Mac issue?

Walt Dickinson

I’ve got these two columns on the site, the wide left one and the narrow right one. They’re both sized and floated correctly and work fine in other popular browsers. But in IE 5 for Mac the right column, on some pages, would wrap below the left column. The only reason I could think of was that IE might be miscalculating the width of the left column when the text in that column spanned the entire width. So I removed the margin from the wide column and floated the narrow column to the right. (Incidentally the same solution used on Friscosity.) And blammo, problem solved.

IE on the Mac is becoming more of a problem all the time. As standards progress, it will just become more and more out of date. I recently started my first blog and had to rely, to some degree, on pre-built CSS templates. I don’t know enough about it to make my own… yet. My blog looks good on Safari & Netscape on the Mac, and Netscape & IE on the PC. But it looks terrible on IE Mac. The entire site becomes left justified (instead of center) and has a weird scollbar on all sides. I wish IE would just go away :)

Walt Dickinson

Todd Dominey: The Safari Conundrum “I reside in the oddball, bitchy, strange group of people who dare use something other than IE.”