June 24, 2004

Donnie Darko Returns

Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut

Fans of Richard Kelly’s great sci-somethingorother film Donnie Darko may be pleased to learn (as I was) that it’s being re-released with more music, extended scenes, and new visual effects.

That’s right, it’s Donnie Darko: The Director’s Cut. The trailer is really excellent. Now if I could only find out where it’s playing.

MovieTickets.com seems to think it’s coming out on July 23rd but doesn’t have any theater information yet. Yahoo! Movies has a page for it but it doesn’t come up in their search results.

This interview with the director has the usual lines about why the film is back in theaters.


Colin D. Devroe

I am also looking forward to this, if you find a theatre list - I’d appreciate an email or an update to this post.

way to silently cater to the Safari users, btw. a little reward for using a better browser? dig it.

Walt Dickinson

Colin: I absolutely will. Haven’t done much research on it, but if I get any info on a screening, I’ll post it.

Nick: Well spotted, I forked the weblog’s stylesheet from the rest of the site and am experimenting for a little while. =-)


hey walt.

i can’t wait to see this one. if it’s as good as it sounds so far, i might have to buy the director’s cut DVD even though i already own this movie.

i keep reading “late summer” for a release.

I’m using Safari but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Walt Dickinson

Scott: There are some subtle shadows on the post titles.

Ricky: I know. I don’t own the movie but this new release definitely looks like an upgrade. =-)


The latest I’ve heard on this is that it will be released on July 23rd in New York, Los Angeles, and “select cities”. If anyone has word on whether it will be playing in the Bay Area, please post a comment. Thanks.

I heard it was playing in Seattle.

does any one know when its coming to Australia?