June 18, 2004


Does anyone (anyone I know personally that is) want a Gmail invite? No jumping, no hoops, just Gmail. =-)

Update: Out of invites for the time being.

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Josh Peek

I’ll take it

Walt Dickinson

Dude, you’ve got Gmail invites out the wazoo. I want the invites to go to people I know who want to try out the service. =-)

Does “knew” count?

Walt Dickinson

Sure. I’ll hold an invite for you. I just need an email address to send it to. You can leave it here in a comment in the address field. It won’t be displayed.

Stephen Collins

What if I would really like to know you?

scollins@slightlymanic.com your faithful reader

Walt Dickinson

Okay, now this is just getting creepy. =-) I’m out of invites for the time being. Check back here to see if I get any more.

Daniel Muniz

Thanks Walt!


the gmail invite thing is a good way for gmail to find out who the real/smart/cool/nerds are and where their hiding.

Walt Dickinson

Not to mention who they’re communicating with, what lists they’re participating in, and where they’re clicking through to. =-)


Hmm. I wish I knew you. I’d LOVE to get an invite!!!

Mike Caputo

I’d love to get one.

Walt Dickinson

Out! Out I tell you! We’re all out! =-)