July 11, 2004

Nikon D70

A hummingbird in midflight.

I have a new camera.

[Update: You can now download the original, uncropped, high resolution version of this photo. Feel free to make a donation if you like. Here’s the license.]


Did you take that photo?

Walt Dickinson

Very much so, yes. =-)

Amazing photograph, Walt! Keep it up!


Oh, you bastard! If only the D70 would come down a few hundred dollars in price, then I could justify spending so much on a “hobby.”

Great picture, looking forward to seeing more!


nice! i need a new camera

Mark Shewmaker

Great photo Walt. I’m impressed that your camera could capture something as fleeting as a hummingbird’s flight path. I’ve missed more than a few of Abby’s smiles due to my digital camera’s high latency.

Wow Walt! You have a new camera and you know how to use it! That is an exquisite photo!

Brian Poulsen

Hey that’s nice man :) Looking forward to seeing some pictures roll in :)

(delayed response) Wow! It’s my new screen background.

Sean Peisert

Amazing, Walt.

Jessyca Wallace

That is an incredible shot, Walt…way to go!


Rob: Thanks!

Garrett: It took a complex, multi-layered matrix of rationalizations to convince myself to get it. I may be eating canned dog food for the rest of the year to make up the difference. =-)

Rachelle: What’s with all the monochromes lately?

Mark: Latency never bothered me too much (it helped to put the S30 into manual mode as much as possible to get it to shoot quickly) but holy crap is the D70 fast.

Mom: Thanks! (I haven’t nearly got it all figured out yet but that’s part of the fun I guess.)

Brian: Thanks Brian. Your photoblog is a continual inspiration.

Dad: Thanks! I’m going to send you a higher resolution version for your screen background. =-)

Sean: Thanks!

Jessyca: Thanks!

Okay, here’s the skinny on canned dog food: Not. So. Bad. About the worst thing about it is it’s sodium, which can leave you a bit bloated under the eyes. Other than that, it’s oddly satisfying, and usually plenty juicy what with all that glazy, sauce-stuff that’s in there. Have milk on hand. Oh, and serve it in a bowl, don’t cut your hand on the can!

Sean Peisert

Oops, I didn’t mean to be anonymous


Nick: Thank you for that first-hand account Nick. =-)

Sean: Fixed.