August 5, 2004

Bee In The Grass

A bee in the grass.

There is no short supply of desktop backgrounds these days.


another beauty!

Mark Shewmaker

Looks familiar..


Hmm… do great (amateur photographer) minds think alike? Or is this a clear cut case of intellectual copyright infringement? Are you planning on smacking our poor, defenseless upside the head with the DMCA? Or is the internet big enough for both of our extreme close-up bee photos? =-)

Seriously though, those are great! The last one looks like a wasp and the first one is all crazy-fuzzy. Did you shoot those at a bee-infested flower show or just out and about your neighborhood?

Mark Shewmaker

Actually, Walt, you inspired those pics. After seeing your hummingbird pic, I remembered that I really enjoyed shooting macro. I think it’s ironic that we both managed to nab and post pics of bees doing bee stuff.

I happen to live next to a pair of amazing gardeners. There’s more where these came from.

Mark Shewmaker

Nothing makes your backyard look shabbier than living right next door to these guys:


Nice photo. I like the way the background is blurred out of focus, drawing the eye to the flowers. (Sorry, I did a photography course, so I am obliged to say things like that ;))


Sam: Narrow depths of field rule. =-)

Rachelle: It’s the summer of bugs-and-insects-on-a-flower photographs!