August 3, 2004

Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA

In some ways, I really miss Berkeley. It’s a rare thing to hop out of your car and see two kids riding a giant, motorized, solar-powered, two-person skateboard up the street.


Brian Poulsen

Damn - what about that hair?! ;)

And Walt… I think you need to edit your contact form so it sends mail to an account you read?

I’ve mailed you a week or two ago and there’s no response. Something tells me it sends to an account you don’t read or perhaps you’re one busy man.


Brian you’re absolutely right about everything. The craziness of the dude’s hair, the fact that the contact form doesn’t generate an email, me not checking the contact form output very often, and my overwhelming busyness.

I did get your note but I haven’t decided exactly how to respond to it yet. The short answer is yes, I love my new job. =-)

Brian Poulsen

Walt - well that’s great news man!! Still waiting for an indepth response of some kind hehe.

I think his fro may be generating some energy as well.

Thats a really great image and makes me long to move out of the DC area. The most interesting thing here is the current terror alert level and the occasional bomb checking on the metro.