August 31, 2004

iMac G5

iMac G5

Where did the computer go?

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Brad Choate

I still see room for improvement. iSight should be built into the unit as well. Looks very out of place sitting up there like that.

And while wireless keyboard and mouse is a nice touch, how about one of those projected keyboards? Like:

And surely they could use the built-in iSight to watch eye movements to replace the mouse… Alright… maybe I’m slipping into sci-fi territory there.

Mark Shewmaker

Hopefully, it’s more attractive in person.


i think it’s hot


I dig it too. I think the price/feature ratio is smart. Wireless hoo-ha and fun stuff like the iSight are great as add-ons but definitely not something everyone needs.

As for attractiveness, I dig the simplicity of it. On the whole I think the iMac G4 is prettier, but the G5 feels even smaller and gets more toward the “everything you need, nothing you don’t” place that Apple seems to be going with the iMac. Well, all their products really.

The only thing that irks me just a bit is the amount of dead space on either side of the logo on the front. It looks like the wrist-wrests on a PowerBook but without the inherent usefulness.

In short, if my laptop weren’t truckin’ along so well right now I’d be all over the new iMac. =-)