September 2004

September 29, 2004


Han and Jabba shoot the shit.

I do like the new Jabba in A New Hope. They did a much nicer job with the skin, eyes, facial expressions… everything. Except the sight-lines. Is Han looking Jabba in the nose in this shot? The “special edition” version did a bit better in this respect.

(Han’s also not really pointing “at” Jabba any more, but sort of off to the side in a way that’s so subtle I’m ashamed of the fact that it bothers me.)

September 22, 2004

Dynamic Permalinks

Last week I enabled dynamic rendering for my individual entry archive pages. If at this point you are shaking your head and thinking, “Whuh?” then, to put it more simply, I flipped the switch on a very cool feature of Movable Type 3.1 and I’m digging it greatly.

The handful of plug-ins I use (like Markdown) have already been ported to work with MT’s dynamic rendering engine (like PHP Markdown) and it was easy to transcribe my own little PHP hacks into full-blown Smarty plug-ins.

September 21, 2004


The Jedi line-up.

Is it me or does our man Anakin look a little… evil? I think he might be hatching some kind of scheme for the Jedi afterlife. “As soon as Luke turns his back I’m gonna beat the crap out of Yoda and Obi-Wan and then go looking for Qui-Gon, I never did get a chance to kill that guy.” That’s what Ani’s thinking, I’m sure of it. And speaking of the Jedi afterlife, do you get to be any age you want now? How come Yoda doesn’t trim a couple centuries off? Surely Obi-Wan would rather spend eternity as Ewan rather than Alec.

Netflix was good enough to send the latest revision of Return of the Jedi the day it was released. I’m really not sure why I rented it. Probably for the same unknowable reason I’ll go to see Episode 3 next year. Sigh.

September 12, 2004

Send Nick & Patrick To Ohio

The fine folks from Runstrong are going the extra mile this election year. Quite a few extra miles in fact. Nick and Patrick are going to Ohio in October to help Kerry get elected and send Bush packing. They’re donating their time, money, and considerable talent for this project and we strongly encourage everyone to help them make it happen. You can contribute through DropCash:

Send Nick & Patrick To Ohio

Please circulate the link and if you have any questions about how to donate with DropCash please feel free to leave a comment here. Thanks!

[Update: Thanks to everyone who contributed. Keep circulating the link.]

September 12, 2004

Market St.

Market St.

I just had to post something to get that big obnoxious “5” off the top of the page. Apologies to all who had to stare at that thing for two weeks. It won’t happen again.

This is from our trip to the city last weekend.

September 1, 2004


Five years old.

It’s September 1st again and that can only mean one thing. is another year older. Happy birthday you big dopey bastard. =-)

[Update: We’ve had scattered reports of people mistakenly thinking that September 1st is my birthday. What we’re actually taking note of today is the anniversary or birthday of this website. Which is a perverse thing to do, I will grant you, but there you have it. Specifically, we’re noting that it’s been five years since I registered the domain name, not since I started blogging. The precursor to, the aptly named “walt.homepage” had evolved an extremely blog-like quality somewhere between its humble beginnings in 1995 and it’s triumphant end in 1999. And, for the record, I actually turned five in 1981.]

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