September 21, 2004


The Jedi line-up.

Is it me or does our man Anakin look a little… evil? I think he might be hatching some kind of scheme for the Jedi afterlife. “As soon as Luke turns his back I’m gonna beat the crap out of Yoda and Obi-Wan and then go looking for Qui-Gon, I never did get a chance to kill that guy.” That’s what Ani’s thinking, I’m sure of it. And speaking of the Jedi afterlife, do you get to be any age you want now? How come Yoda doesn’t trim a couple centuries off? Surely Obi-Wan would rather spend eternity as Ewan rather than Alec.

Netflix was good enough to send the latest revision of Return of the Jedi the day it was released. I’m really not sure why I rented it. Probably for the same unknowable reason I’ll go to see Episode 3 next year. Sigh.


You are hooked. Junkie.

Colin D. Devroe

I think at the age Anakin turned to the Dark Side is the age he is in the “afterlife”. Makes sense.


I’d much rather be Alec than Ewan.


Scott: Yeah, I was going to draw comparisons with cigarette companies marketing to minors and crack babies and sunday school… but I found myself rambling a bit.

Colin: Okay, but why is he grinning like Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange?

Joel: Fair enough. =-)

That image alone is reason enough for me not to get the new “revised” editions on DVD. Stop messin’ with the movies already! Wasn’t the whole point of the original trilogy the redemption of Anakin Skywalker? If so then having him “old” in this final scene makes sense, he’s returned from the dark side and all is well as he takes his place beside his fellow Jedis.

I was really pissed about how they changed Aniken, but it’s growing on me. Yes, it is supposed to show Aniken as himself before he turned to the dark side, and he was young and looked like Haiden at that time. So it makes sense. But on the other note, I would rather look like Ewan!