September 1, 2004


Five years old.

It’s September 1st again and that can only mean one thing. is another year older. Happy birthday you big dopey bastard. =-)

[Update: We’ve had scattered reports of people mistakenly thinking that September 1st is my birthday. What we’re actually taking note of today is the anniversary or birthday of this website. Which is a perverse thing to do, I will grant you, but there you have it. Specifically, we’re noting that it’s been five years since I registered the domain name, not since I started blogging. The precursor to, the aptly named “walt.homepage” had evolved an extremely blog-like quality somewhere between its humble beginnings in 1995 and it’s triumphant end in 1999. And, for the record, I actually turned five in 1981.]

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Mark Shewmaker

I don’t remember how I came across your resume, but when I reviewed iWalt, I was immediately impressed. Whereas every other designer who submitted their wares was obsessed with making things spin around in a flash movie, you had already implemented user accounts, banner rotation and message boards. I was envious (and still am.) Congrats on 5 years of staying ahead of the curve.



Happy (belated) blog day!

Jessyca Wallace

Ironic that you should mention walt.homepage because last week while meandering through the files on my beige G3—that you helped-me-buy/conned-me-into-buying in 1998—I discovered my original home paged designed under your tutelage with a link to walt.homepage! Which of course I had completely forgotten about…