September 29, 2004


Han and Jabba shoot the shit.

I do like the new Jabba in A New Hope. They did a much nicer job with the skin, eyes, facial expressions… everything. Except the sight-lines. Is Han looking Jabba in the nose in this shot? The “special edition” version did a bit better in this respect.

(Han’s also not really pointing “at” Jabba any more, but sort of off to the side in a way that’s so subtle I’m ashamed of the fact that it bothers me.)

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Colin D. Devroe

I noticed the pointing, but don’t feel the eyes are a big issues. The next time you have a talk with someone face to face, you’ll be surprised how often you focus on someone’s mouth or nose.

Especially if you were talking to Jabba the Hutt.

The force is in the details

I have to say, “A New Hope” looked and sounded amazing to me… for all the frustrations I’ve vehemently aired toward Lucas’ much delayed release of the Trilogy to DVD, I’m elated to finally have the opportunity to enjoye the original Star Wars again — whenever I want.


Colin: I certainly don’t look people in the eye very often but this is Han Solo we’re talking about. =-) I was just surprised that it was so much different than the Special Edition version.

Rob: I agree that it’s good that some version of the original episodes is now on DVD. I’m just one of those who would have preferred a re-mastered “original” to yet another “special edition”.

“Han is also …” Han does not have an “also.”