October 24, 2004


First the cat got sick, then the cat got better, then the cat got sicker. Then I got sick, then Tabitha got sick, then I got sicker. Then the cat got better again. Then the car got sick, then Tabitha got sicker, then I started to feel a little better.

Those were the last two weeks.

Then, this weekend we got a new car battery, learned the cat needs special food, drove up to Santa Rosa, celebrated the birthdays of my Dad and I, ate cakes, opened presents, devoured food, went for walks, fought our colds, watched SNL, figured out what was wrong with my folks’ router, suggested an external USB floppy drive to her folks, packed up the car and headed home.

I’ve been 28 for roughly four hours now.

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Sorry to hear about all the trouble. Happy Birthday, though!


yeh, happy birthday!


Suggesting an external USB floppy drive to my parents usually results in strange looks. Nice site and Happy Birthday!

Sounds like you’ve been working so hard on your folks’ computer problems, it’s no wonder the four hours you’ve been 28 have been roughly. Hope things smooth out now that you’re home and you, Tab, Cat, and car are on the mend. Happy birthday to a great son and all around terrific guy.

Happy Birthday, dude.


Aw shucks. Thanks all. =-)

Oh hey, happy birthday Walt


Happy birthday.


May twenty eight be a very good year for you Walt. With love and admiration for you and your lovely wife, Mom PS. Check out a website called Bullies2Buddies.com. I just came back from a class with the author. Not so politically correct; just honest generosity.