October 10, 2004

Delicious Library

Delicious Library

A couple of months ago Think Secret spilled the beans on Delicious Library, an overhaul of a simple media cataloging program by a new company formed by ex-OmniGroup employees. The screenshots they posted revealed an iLife-like app designed around making it dead-simple to inventory your books, movies, music, and games.

In the past, creating such an inventory involved hours of data entry and organization. Delicious Library integrates with iSight video cameras (or any QuickTime-compatible digital video camera) and Amazon’s web services to completely obliterate this hassle. Simply hold your book, DVD, CD, or video game up to your iSight and within seconds the item is added to your inventory, with all of the relevant data pulled from Amazon.

The company, Delicious Monster, published their revamped website this weekend which features overviews of the software and their company as well as screenshots of the app. It’s a brilliant combination of technologies and I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

[Update: The site now works with Firefox, Mozilla, Camino, NetNewsWire’s embedded browser, etc. Let the healing begin.]

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What’s does their site require that’s in Firefox/Camino but not in Mozilla?

They just lost just about all the appeal they had to me.


Nothing, apparently. They don’t support Firefox, Camino, or Mozilla.

It’s surprising that the site is so restrictive but they do say they’re working on supporting Mozilla/Gecko-based browsers.


It’s odd they don’t yet support Gecko based browsers (Mozilla, Netscape, Camino or Firefox) but at the moment the page is just a splash page for a product that hasn’t yet been released. I hope they will have full browser support for launch, but at the moment I can understand they are probably more focussed on their product then their web site.

Sean Peisert

Can OmniGroup or a group of ex-OmniGroup employees write a piece of email software as they have done with OmniWeb (or, apparently, Delicious Library) as feature-rich and compatible as Eudora, as clean as Mail, and with the filtering and searching of MailSmith?


What’s does their site require that’s in Firefox/Camino but not in Mozilla?

Nothing, oddly enough: if you set your user-agent to Safari’s (use about:config to set general.useragent.override to “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/124 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/125”), the site displays just fine.

The stems on the sides of the “Check out Delicious Library” box are missing, though, despite appearing in other boxes. Kind of a tiny thing to bothered them, but scrupulous attention to detail is desirable in authors of software.

Ryan Schroeder

It’s probably funky JS more than anything. Using the NNW 2 I got the same message, so they’re keeping out some webkit apps as well.


Previously, this was no harder than finding the product on Amazon and dragging its image into Spring.

http://www.usercreations.com/spring/ http://www.sixapart.com/log/2002/12/spring_10.shtml


Thanks Robb, that’s a point well taken.

By the way, it appears that delicious-monster.com is now Mozilla/Gecko-friendly.