October 29, 2004

You’re just gonna so want one.

iPod photo

I went to the Apple store tonight to play with the new iPods. I had thought that Apple had gone too crazy in the colorization and saturation of everything with the iPod Photo but it doesn’t look so bad in real life. It’s insane how quickly you can scroll through photos both in the wee and not-so-wee modes. The best part is the pretty new 2-inch displays with the the Lucida Grande (Myriad?) and the brightness. I can’t deny it…

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription… is more iPod.

But I’ll resist for the time being. The 3G is chugging along just fine, I don’t really need to have my photos with me at all times, and I’m kinda put off by the fact that you can’t just hook your iPod up to your camera. Doesn’t that seem sorta critical? You’re away from your desk for a couple days, you run out of space on your 512 MB flash card, you whip out your iPod and USB-to-Dock connector cable, your photos pile up in an “On-The-Go” photo album, you wipe your flash card and keep right on shooting. (I’m aware you can sort-of do this now with the Belkin gizmo but it’s not really the same.)

Nevertheless I expect Apple to sell bazillions of these sexy little bastards over the course of the next fiscal quarter. Five million in ‘05! Go now! Don’t wait! Buy, buy, BUY!


Brian Poulsen

If I were ever to buy this thing, I’d need the CF card reader thing y before i’d ever consider it a nice thing. There are plenty of photo storage devices that provide an LCD for browsing purposes. I can’t find any reason why I should use an iPod to showcase my photos to anyone.. I’m sure I could find a decent portable storage device for less money..

I could be wrong.

Yeah, I don’t really understand why anybody’d want photos on their iPod. And if they did, why wouldn’t they go through iPhoto instead of iTunes? Apple’s logic just doesn’t make any sense to me sometimes.

And from what I’ve heard, the font is Myriad, no Lucida. Could be wrong though.

Elliott Pogue

Because that would be two programs that would have to open? Why not manage with iPhoto and sync with iTunes? Makes perfect sense.

Yea, the font is Myriad.

The iPod Photo is also able to connect to a TV, either through the Photo Dock or the minijack that can feed composite video. It can do slideshows and whatnot, so why not go the iPod Photo route? Nice screen, great music player, and a photo viewer all in one.