November 2004

November 20, 2004

I think that I shall never see…

Looking up at the redwoods.

A moment before I took this photo Tabitha recomended that if I slipped I should protect the camera at all costs. A moment after I took this photo I slipped, fell down hard, and slid down a short hill… holding the camera above my head the whole way down.

November 18, 2004

Itsy Bitsy Changes

Poor So much neglect.

I finally got around to doing a tiny bit of housecleaning on the site. I upgraded to MT 3.121, refreshed the look of the masthead and menu very slightly, and tweaked the blogroll with a fresh list and a few fixes (it only checks for recent updates now and shuffles the list every hour, for fun).

That’s it for now. I’ve been thinking about doing something with Flickr and but just haven’t had the time to put it together yet.

November 6, 2004

What’s the word I’m looking for?

The Incredibles

The Incredibles is, of course, incredi— er… fantastic. See it early and often. =-)

[Also: Anybody know if it’s possible to buy this shirt? Niiice.]

November 5, 2004


TypePad's new rich text editor.

TypePad just got a whole lot WYSIWYGier. =-)

November 2, 2004

Worst. President. Ever.

I voted.

Today’s the day. Vote Bush out. Vote Kerry in. Just vote. Thanks.

[Later: I think we can all agree that the real winner this election day is CNN’s election results page. Super sweet. Got a better one? Post a comment.]

[Even Later: Currently, is predicting a no-win scenario with Kerry at 262, Bush at 261, and New Jersey’s 15 votes locked up in an exact tie. Five hours until the polls start to close.]

[Nick: Vote Right Now — For the record, I voted on Saturday.]

[Even Later Still: Unbelievable. Good night folks.]

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