November 20, 2004

I think that I shall never see…

Looking up at the redwoods.

A moment before I took this photo Tabitha recomended that if I slipped I should protect the camera at all costs. A moment after I took this photo I slipped, fell down hard, and slid down a short hill… holding the camera above my head the whole way down.



heh. Nice.

protecting the camera like a baby. makes sense to me.

Cameras are not babies! They are pretty damn important, however.

Jessyca Wallace

Spoken like a true father, Mark. Actually, rumor has it Tab got a pretty good laugh out of the whole episode. :-)


Great photo and funny story! :) (Sounds like me!)

Great photo… gives me a slight feeling of reverse vertigo.

Andy Cogbill

Once when I was taking a bunch of photos at a river I slipped and fell into a couple feet of water; my D70, in my right hand, stayed bone-dry. I got the hugest bruise from that… all for a camera.

Simon Jones

LOL, how is it that we can always fall down and still keep our camera’s, iPods, and other stuff safe. But fall down with a cup of tea in your hand and it goes everywhere, every last damn drop is somehow distributed over a quite unbelievable distance. :-)

Where’s the picture of you sliding down the hill?

Michael Heilemann

Great photo, how’s your head? :)

Thanks all.

Andy: Your story reminds me of the time I was eating lunch on a rock in the middle of a river. (We were rafting.) When lunch was over I tried (and utterly failed) to jump to another rock with a can of soda in my hand. As I fell straight down into the river I raised the can above my head. I sank in well above my head but the can stayed dry. Not the best self-preservation instincts, but at least I got to finish my drink.

Simon: I have yet to spill a significant amount of tea but I have dropped an open gallon of milk from about five feet up and watched it explode all over the floor of my kitchen. =-)

Patrick: This is precisely why Tabitha needs a camera of her own but I haven’t been able to talk her into it yet.