January 2005

January 18, 2005


Yes, believe it or not, iWalt.com had some malicious JavaScript doing nasty things for a while this morning which should all be over and done with now. Our apologies to anyone who was greeted with ugly virus nonsense via this site.

In addition to making sure that was cleaned up, we’ve gone and installed the ‘nofollow’ plug-in for Movable Type. Thus restoring order to the comment-posting universe and normalcy to page-ranking algorithms everywhere.

Aside from that we’ve been tinkering with WaltPad to try out the latest and greatest in MixedMedia template technology as well as instant photo posting from iPhoto to TypePad via Photon. Conclusion: We likey.

January 11, 2005

Happy Macworld Day!

iPhoto 5

iPod shuffle? Headless iMac? Apple Media “Centre”? Today’s the day!

[Later: iPhoto 5 tops my list of Things I’m Pleased to See. (The subtle-image-rotation feature, hooray! RAW support, hooray! Project folders, hooray!) Looking forward to Tiger, as always. Mail does look a little whacky but Smart Folders, mmm. The Mac mini and the iPod shuffle look like they’ll be great for Apple, but not me personally. Pages looks nice too.]

January 5, 2005

What’s New, What’s Next

It’s long overdue, but I finally donated some money toward helping the victims of the recent tsunami. Click the banner below if you’d like to donate to the American Red Cross. Or, if you blog and participate in one of those snazzy revenue programs, you can donate your earnings via BlogAid. Or, if you’re a waferbaby fan, you can bid on a limited edition t-shirt (all proceeds are going toward relief efforts). Or, Apple has a list of worthy organizations you can give your money to and Amazon has a special donation page.

Let’s see… what else? Upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type before the winter vacation along with the latest version of Markdown and Smarty Pants. All good stuff.

Also, since I’m back on public transportation after a nine month hiatus, I have time to read again. (Yes, I’ve heard that it is possible to read at home or in other pockets of free time but it just doesn’t work for me.) To celebrate the readingness, I added a little progress bar to the Books box on the right. It won’t move very fast but it’s cool.

I may have to break down and write up my thoughts on the Macworld rumorfest soon. So look for that in the coming days. I was happy to see the price cuts to the displays this morning. They’re perpetually inching closer to affordability. =-)

January 4, 2005

A Short Treatise on the Mouse Quest

Microsoft’s latest Bluetooth mouse, while pairable with Mac OS X (via jiggerpokery), still drops the connection with annoying frequency. The Kensington PilotMouse Optical (3-button), on the other hand, is delightful. Conclusion: Bluetooth for mice and keyboards still sucks.

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