January 4, 2005

A Short Treatise on the Mouse Quest

Microsoft’s latest Bluetooth mouse, while pairable with Mac OS X (via jiggerpokery), still drops the connection with annoying frequency. The Kensington PilotMouse Optical (3-button), on the other hand, is delightful. Conclusion: Bluetooth for mice and keyboards still sucks.


i’m a big fan of kensington - at the mo’ i use the expert mouse trackball (not the wireless one, tho’; i’m not so keen on the whole replacing the battery thing).

Yeah, the battery issue is a whole other headache. I’ve never tried the trackball side of things.

I’m a little late on this discussion, but have you checked out “The Mouse BT” from MacMice? I haven’t actually used it myself, but the reviews have been pretty good and it looks suprisingly similar to Apple’s mouse, but with two mouse buttons and a scroll wheel! Here’s a link to the product website:


and to a review that I found:


I hope this is helpful.