January 11, 2005

Happy Macworld Day!

iPhoto 5

iPod shuffle? Headless iMac? Apple Media “Centre”? Today’s the day!

[Later: iPhoto 5 tops my list of Things I’m Pleased to See. (The subtle-image-rotation feature, hooray! RAW support, hooray! Project folders, hooray!) Looking forward to Tiger, as always. Mail does look a little whacky but Smart Folders, mmm. The Mac mini and the iPod shuffle look like they’ll be great for Apple, but not me personally. Pages looks nice too.]

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Michel Christensen

Almost two out of three — Impressive :-) I’m up for the Mac Mini anyway.

Brian Poulsen

Yeah iPhoto 5 looks really nice, and I can’t believe how small that Mac mini really is! Anyways, I’ve been waiting for the keynote for about a month, having the money for a new powerbook, but didn’t want to throw in the cash in case of new hardware or whatever. But nothing came … Look at the bright side.. I saved some $300 or something on the powerbook I went on to order yesterday, due to the price drop a week ago :)

I was at the final step at the applestore when it hit me that ‘It is not smart to buy a new iPod only eight months after having bought the mini!’. The feature that really really made me want the shuffle is the Autofill function. So now that I’ve decided not to get it Im thinking ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to script the Autofill function and run automatically when the mini mounts..!’

Andreas Graulund

Yeah, that iPhoto really looks good. With the nice toolbar icons and stuff.

I really like the Mac Mini, it looks so good, and it’s almost like I don’t believe how small that is. It’s like it isn’t a real computer! It’s like .. smaller than a laptop! I’ve always wanted a mac, and if I had the money, I’d buy the Mac Mini. The only problem is, I do not have that money.