February 2005

February 28, 2005

Week Ended

Big Basin Redwoods

Tabitha and I were back in Big Basin Redwoods this weekend, (the scene of the camera-saving spill) racing against the sunset as we zipped through a quick eight mile loop. Netflix was good enough to deliver I Heart Huckabees and Garden State both of which were very good. (I’d seen the latter once before.) And finally, I was very pleased to see that Apple will be shipping a camera connector accessory for the iPod photo that does the whole iPod-as-an-on-the-go-photo-storage-device thing. Very cool.

February 22, 2005

I Heart Blue

I Heart Blue

‘Tis the season for T-shirts! Hot on the heels of stumbling across at least three other T-shirt resellers I awoke this morning to find that Nick and Patrick are getting into the game with their own line of blue-friendly apparel. Naturally, coming from them, it’s not enough to hawk sharp-looking (and appropriately snarky) wares, the site is sharp to boot. Check it out!

February 5, 2005

Unwired at Borel

We’re coming to you live from Borel Eye Doctors this morning. I came here for contacts a couple months ago since they were across the street from the old office and when Tabitha mentioned she was due for a checkup, I recommended them. She’s in the midst of her appointment and I have a PowerBook.

They’ve got the wireless action going and once again I find myself wondering: 1) Is it cool to just go around using unsecured access points like this? 2) How many of my passwords are still flying around unsecured? (Specifically wondering about my .Mac password which is tied to my iDisk which updates itself quite often and (I suspect) is sent in the clear.)

Anyone have suggestions for good Mac software (or built-in command line tools) that monitor network traffic?

February 3, 2005


I’ve been wanting to do something with Flickr for a while now and the new Photos column is the first pass at that project. Thumbnails from my photostream should be showing up there semi-regularly. The best part is Fraser Speirs’ excellent FlickrExport plug-in which makes posting to Flickr from iPhoto a snap.

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