February 3, 2005


I’ve been wanting to do something with Flickr for a while now and the new Photos column is the first pass at that project. Thumbnails from my photostream should be showing up there semi-regularly. The best part is Fraser Speirs’ excellent FlickrExport plug-in which makes posting to Flickr from iPhoto a snap.

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you might want to add a “.com” to that photostream link…

Heh. You’re right, that would improve it significantly. =-) Thanks for catching that.

It’s strange—the thumbnails only show up when you’re in the root. But the link to “weblog” in your navigation takes you to iwalt.com/weblog and the thumbnails don’t show up there. On purpose?

Yes, it’s a combination of laziness and strategery. More on that when I’m not about to run out the door. =-)

Right so the idea was to start differentiating the “/” from the “/weblog/” by having the former try to encompass more of everything and the latter focus specifically on the posts. I’ve always wanted the site to be about a bunch of things aside from the weblog.