March 19, 2005

The Greatest American Hero

I was giving my parents’ iMac a thorough cleaning a couple weeks ago (both digital and corporeal). In the midst of one particularly long progress bar (is it really necessary for Mac OS X to install all those language packs by default?) I started flipping through an Entertainment Weekly magazine. One little blurb caught my eye, which simply mentioned that a show I was a big fan of as a little kid was being re-released on DVD.

First of all, the fact that this show is now on DVD confirms my suspicion that everything will eventually be on DVD. I can’t believe that there’s a market for this show, and what’s truly frightening is that I am apparently that market.

There’s a handful of pop culture things I’m able to remember about the early 80s: Star Wars, the Atari 2600, I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett, Legos, and The Greatest American Hero. I was so into The Greatest American Hero when I was roughly five or six years old that my costume one halloween was “the suit” from the show.

And this wasn’t some cheap-o, red pajamas with a black sheet tied around my neck costume. This was a custom job. My mom took this thing to the next level. It was perfect. She nailed the cape, and the shirt, and the emblem (with the little marks at the top of the “arrow”), and the pants, and the belt. I kept the belt buckle for a long time because it was just that good.

When the DVD arrived in the mail at work today I’d completely forgotten that my folks had ordered it as thanks for the stuff I’d been doing that weekend. When someone asked me what I’d got, my mind snapped into defensive mode. “They won’t understand you fool!” So I sheepishly slid it into my bag, until such time as I could put my ownership of this wacky piece of television history into the proper historical context. =-)

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Sean Peisert

Would it make you feel any better if I admitted feeling some nostalgia reading this? :-)


There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It was an awesome show! Wasn’t it? I remember it being awesome. Maybe as an adult I’ll think it’s crap. I might just have to buy it and and find out.

Lilia Ahner

Ah, ha! That’s what was in the box! I have to also admit that I really liked that show too! What’s worse, I was around 11 or 12 when that show aired.

A few years back on Halloween, one of my friends dressed up as the Greatest American Hero (she was a big hit). Here’s proof:

Judi Sohn

Oh great, now you’ve done it…I have the song in my head and it’s not going anywhere for a while…

“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air. I never thought I could feel so freee eeee eeee…..”

Dennis McGrath

My parents also bought me this DVD as a gift. You had the halloween costume, I had the Monchichi. My mother took the time to sew up a suit for my Monchichi and the three of us would watch together.


If anybody knows where i can find a greatest american hero costume… all means…PLEASE let me know. I want one for halloween but i can’t find one anywhere. If somebody could point me in the right direction i would appreciate it. Thanks

RH Summers

I was 15 when this show came on the air. I really liked the premise and thought that despite the 1st-generation special effects (which seemed ok then except for rerunning the same flying footage back to back) it was better than the usual tv fare. The characters really made it good. Well, I bought the 1st season dvd last week and my children love it. Boy, did it bring back memories. The funny thing is…I hear now that Disney has this in development with rumors that Adam Sandler will play Ralph and Robert Duvall or Robert DeNiro to play Bill Maxwell. And that the plot will involve another person having a suit that is not at all good like Ralph is. Who knows? It all sounds good to me considering how much better it will look with the Special FX abilities studios have now.

“Time to get out the jammies, Ralph.”