April 22, 2005

Recent Tunes

I was delighted to receive some iTMS gift certificates around the holidays, some as gifts and another as a thank-you for some web tinkering. Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

Has anyone else come across anything good recently?

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I tend to buy whole albums all the time. Recently I bought:

  • DJ Format’s Music for the Mature B-Boy, after watching that rap DDR video and his other videos on this other site
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Presents America: The Book: The Audiobook
  • Barenaked Ladies - Everything to Everyone

I usually drop what I come across (but don’t buy) into del.icio.us. This morning I was considering starting an iTMS blog called “I’d Buy That For a Dollar.”

A few albums I’ve really enjoyed lately are:

Oysterband - The Shouting End of Life The Postal Service - Give Up

pretty much anything by Yann Tiersen

Mark, America: The Book is good stuff. We’ve got the book but I suspect the audio version must be fun to listen to also. I’ll have to check out DJ Format.

Justin, I think Give Up was my favorite album last year. Although that Green Day album was pretty close. I’ll check out Oysterband.


I’m really into this band 99 Tales…they are kind of twangy/surf americana-ish with really cool guy/girl harmonies a la Pixies and X…99tales.com