May 10, 2005

First Anniversary

Our wedding.

Today, last year, Tabitha and I were married. Best. Year. Ever. =-)

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Jay Allen

Congrats you guys! Hopefully, this will also be the worst year! :-)

Hehehe… Thanks Jay! We can only hope. =-)


happy anniversary!


Nice spot. Happy anniversary! What paper did you get her? :)

Happy Happy! Couldn’t have happened to nice people :-)

Congratulations and Mazel Tov! Hope you and Tabitha have many, many more years of happiness.

Looks like you guys were married in a beautiful location. When do we get to see more wedding pics?

Thanks Rachelle and thanks Nick, I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t fully explore the “paperness” of this anniversary. She, on the other hand, folded these fantastic little origami hearts. Thanks Jessyca, I’m sure you meant “nicer people”. =-) And thanks Lilia, I’ll try to get my act together finally and put something together on Flickr in the not too distant future.

Happy anniversary!