June 9, 2005

Jessyca and Mitch’s Wedding

Jessyca and Mitch perform a post-ceremonial hooray during their rehersal.

Our college friends Jessyca and Mitch were married on the 21st of May. We were there to celebrate with them, Tabitha as a bridesmaid, I as a sort of third-class photographer. They were good enough to have their wedding less than 15 minutes away from our apartment and we spent pretty much the entire weekend participating in rehearsal ceremonies, rehearsal dinners, actual ceremonies, actual dinners, post actual-dinner hooplas, and following-morning brunches. We had a fantastic time and were very happy to be there to celebrate the hitching of such an excellent couple. =-)

This, of course, gave me the perfect excuse to get the iPod Camera Connector which, I have to say, is exactly what I hoped it would be. I took 337 photos that weekend and tonight I finally uploaded 145 of them to Flickr. The FlickrExport plugin for iPhoto did a decent job uploading them, but it did grind to a halt twice and had to be canceled and restarted from where it left off. Otherwise, a brilliant plugin.

The photo above is one of my favorites. =-)



Why is Tab never in any of your photos?


um… i saw her in several.

Rachelle I’ve been informed that Jules’ comment is most likely intended as dry British sarcasm and therefore implying that this Jessyca and Mitch photoset is rather saturated with Tabitha pics. If that’s the case then I must plead guilty. I never get tired of taking Tab’s picture. =-)


Actually I was referring to the pictures on iwalt as I stupidly didn’t see the link to the full set of photos, so I now realise that there were plenty of pictures of Tab (-:


Ha, looks like a lot of fun… Flickr is fun too, kind of like legal voyeurism


Hi Walt Enjoyed the wedding photos. Jess looked fantastic and I loved Tab with her hair up.

Excellent! Glad you like them. There’s a bunch more of Tab on the ‘B’ roll which I should show you at some point too. =-)