July 2005

July 25, 2005

Celebrating Mom’s Graduation

Big Walt and his tiny wife.

We went up to Santa Rosa last weekend to celebrate my mom’s graduation from her two year master’s program in counseling. There was a Hawaiian-themed party where much mingling and consuming of food took place. Tabitha discovered the overwhelming greatness of Mom’s chocolate mousse. Siblings flew in from both coasts and all the significant others were in attendance. Very fun. =-)

Then on Sunday we all headed out to the beach for more eating, frisbeeing, and walking along the ocean. A little kid came wandering up to the frisbee group and wanted to play so I rapidly developed my “throwing frisbee to tiny kid” skills. I only beaned him once. And he sent me scrambling in all directions with his throws.

The photo above was taken at the beach event by my sister. Tab’s really not that small. Or I’m really not that big. Or something. =-) Anyway, great weekend. Exhausting. But wait until I tell you about this weekend…

July 22, 2005

Rob and Irene’s Wedding

Rob and Irene on their wedding day.

Last month my very good friend Rob and his lovely significant other Irene were married in a ceremony at San Francisco City Hall followed by a reception at a hotel downtown. I am, of course, extremely happy for them both. They make a superb couple and are excellent friends.

I’ve known Rob for over 15 years now. That blows my mind. Congratulations once again!

(I took a bunch of photos at this wedding as well but it was completely indoors and I’m still bumbling around without a decent flash so I wasn’t able to put together another massive photo album. But there are a few nice ones, like the one above.)

July 16, 2005


I’m sitting here in my sweltering apartment (it seems to act like an oven in the summer months) and I realize that part of the reason it’s so toasty is that somehow I shut the fan off without realizing it. (Did I get cold?)

Then, it occurs to me that my laptop’s fan never comes on anymore. So I flip on iPulse and check the PowerBook tech specs. Sure enough, normal operating temperature is 50° to 95° F and mine is running at 135° F.

Tomorrow, a trip to the Apple Store.

(By the way: Backpack + Backpack Widget + Growl = Hotness.)

July 13, 2005


Hiking in the fog.

We had been enjoying a series of relaxing, hike-centric weekends. Three weekends ago we did an 11 mile loop through Big Basin Redwoods, and a week later we did a steep 7 miles out near Pacifica. The weather was really nice and we were fortunate to have the free time to get out there and breathe fresh air.

Then it was time to get serious about the move. Following in our usual nomadic trends, we decided to pack it up and move on to yet another apartment. This will be my fifth in as many years. It might also be my first with a dishwasher in quite some time so to that, let me just say, whoo-hoo.

But first we had to find the place, and man, I’d forgotten how much I hate apartment shopping. Either it was too expensive, or too crappy, or wouldn’t take cats, or was too far away from transportation, or stood us up for our appointment, or was rented before the open house even started.

Only by driving through various acceptable neighborhoods and writing down every for-rent phone number we saw were we able to get the ball rolling on a place which might suit us. With any luck we’ll be all squared away on Saturday. I’m keeping my fingers crossed until then.

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