July 25, 2005

Celebrating Mom’s Graduation

Big Walt and his tiny wife.

We went up to Santa Rosa last weekend to celebrate my mom’s graduation from her two year master’s program in counseling. There was a Hawaiian-themed party where much mingling and consuming of food took place. Tabitha discovered the overwhelming greatness of Mom’s chocolate mousse. Siblings flew in from both coasts and all the significant others were in attendance. Very fun. =-)

Then on Sunday we all headed out to the beach for more eating, frisbeeing, and walking along the ocean. A little kid came wandering up to the frisbee group and wanted to play so I rapidly developed my “throwing frisbee to tiny kid” skills. I only beaned him once. And he sent me scrambling in all directions with his throws.

The photo above was taken at the beach event by my sister. Tab’s really not that small. Or I’m really not that big. Or something. =-) Anyway, great weekend. Exhausting. But wait until I tell you about this weekend…

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Wow, it’s true. You look like a giant in that photo. Even the trees are smaller. What’s in the water up there?

Chocolate mouse sounds a little intimidating to me ;)

Nah, they’re great! I mean the bones can be a bit crunchy but once you get used to it… =-)

Thanks for catching the typo.

Ha, no problem. I wasn’t for sure if you were talking about: http://www.computergear.com/chocmous31.html


Ha cute… just be careful not to step on and crush any of us regular sized people as you go about you day.

Hey Walt, send a congrats to your mom from me.