September 11, 2005

My Kingdom for a Bench

Thursday we jumped back on the train and zipped down to Worthing where we saw the Channel from a distance, went for a walk in the countryside, ate lunch in a little town at a little pub next to a little church, went careening up and down and unpaved road on a back of an open lorry while blackberry vines whipped and smacked us in the head. It was fantastic.

The following day was spent mostly at the British Museum where I almost passed out from Overabsorption of Priceless Artifacts Syndrome (OPAS). It’s a serious disease. Particularly in that museum.

Saturday Tab split for the British Library while I set off on one of my patent-pending six and a half hour hikes around the city which took me by Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street (and hence, yes, the Apple Store), Oxford Street, the Bank of England/Royal Exchange/Threadneedle Street area (I’m neck deep in the Stephenson trilogy, I had to go), the Museum of London, the Tate Modern museum, the Eye ferris wheel, and back up the long Westminster Bridge/Victoria Street walk to our hotel.

Today was laundry day but we also walked around Hyde Park (hat tip: Rob), ate a huge lunch, ran a couple of other errands, and did quite a bit of walking around the city. I’m becoming a big fan of avoiding the Underground as much as possible. It’s too stuffy. More soon.

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Glad you’re enjoying London. How long are you there for? Don’t suppose you’re planning on travelling any further west?


Hey Jules. Thanks for the note. Unfortunately we’re up North now. Tab just sent an email with the particulars.