October 2005

October 26, 2005


Empty Inbox

Happiness is an empty inbox.

I had zeroed out my email for the first time in years shortly before we went on our trip but obviously that accomplishment was utterly destroyed by the time we got back. I finally got within striking distance again recently so I dedicated some time to getting back to zero. It’s such a relief. I highly recommend it.

October 26, 2005



I am very excited about Apple’s new pro photo workflow application, Aperture. I’ve been using iPhoto since shortly after it came out. It’s a great app and also the only reason I buy iLife every year. But Aperture, holy god. Take everything that’s good about iPhoto, add in knockout features like multi-version non-destructive processing, construct what looks to be the most insanely cool user interface for a pro app ever, and you’ve got Aperture. The price tag stings and my laptop barely makes the system requirements cut but it’s going to be a struggle to resist taking it for a spin.

October 18, 2005

Seriously, Do Not Disconnect

Man, iPods are serious when they say not to disconnect them. I yanked mine (an archaic, 10-month-old iPod photo) from its dock this morning without thinking. It worked fine all day but it was not having anything to do with my computer when I tried to get to to sync this evening. Wouldn’t mount, Disk Utility couldn’t do anything with it, no choice but to click the magical Restore button from the latest iPod Updater.

And all was well. (Following a complete re-sync of songs, photos, contacts, and calendars.)

October 8, 2005


Walt and Tab in Keswick

Tab and I in Keswick. September, 2005.

October 5, 2005

Bryce and Lou

Lou and Bryce

We now return to our state-side weblogging schedule with an iWalt.com announcement that’s long overdue!

Bryce and his lovely girlfriend Lou are engaged to be married. We got the news before we went on our vacation but it still has us grinning from ear to ear.

I still have fond memories of the first time I met Lou. I had flown across the country in order to spend a week or so driving back across with Bryce. Due to last minute changes to avoid bad weather he agreed to meet me in Providence rather than Baltimore which, apparently is a bit of a drive. But he was happy to make the drive and it made it possible for him to visit Lou again before we hit the road. Naturally we didn’t get into a hotel until late and I immediately passed out.

The next thing I remember was Bryce introducing me to Lou and telling me that they’d been to a donut place but brought back bagels instead. It was morning in the wrong time zone and I hadn’t eaten since the plane. I wasn’t sure exactly where I was and the news that bagels had been substituted for donuts hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s also important to remember at this point that I am not a morning person. I also had a band-aid on my face to keep me from scratching a rather frightening looking spider bite.

In short, I was a five-alarm mess. And it is a credit to Lou’s character that she didn’t run screaming from the hotel room. I probably would have if I’d looked in the mirror.

Where am I going with this? :) Lou. I like Lou. And not just for her ability to look beyond my staggering inability to deliver a good first impression. I like that she got the labs in her building to start recycling. I like that she has good taste in sunglasses. :) Of course mostly I like that she and Bryce are such a perfect fit, and that they make each other so happy.


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