October 26, 2005



I am very excited about Apple’s new pro photo workflow application, Aperture. I’ve been using iPhoto since shortly after it came out. It’s a great app and also the only reason I buy iLife every year. But Aperture, holy god. Take everything that’s good about iPhoto, add in knockout features like multi-version non-destructive processing, construct what looks to be the most insanely cool user interface for a pro app ever, and you’ve got Aperture. The price tag stings and my laptop barely makes the system requirements cut but it’s going to be a struggle to resist taking it for a spin.

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I’m the creative director of a magazine and the part that makes me go all weak in the knees is that you can have an end-to-end RAW workflow in Aperture. That’s freakin’ sweet.

Yeah. I don’t think I’ll ever shoot in JPEG again. :)