October 18, 2005

Seriously, Do Not Disconnect

Man, iPods are serious when they say not to disconnect them. I yanked mine (an archaic, 10-month-old iPod photo) from its dock this morning without thinking. It worked fine all day but it was not having anything to do with my computer when I tried to get to to sync this evening. Wouldn’t mount, Disk Utility couldn’t do anything with it, no choice but to click the magical Restore button from the latest iPod Updater.

And all was well. (Following a complete re-sync of songs, photos, contacts, and calendars.)

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my ipod says the software is too old.. and no matter how many times i dl the new software in install it, it still says that when i try to copy a song to the pod. songs i rip or acquire elsewhere are fine to copy, but songs i bought off itunes wont go. stinks.

any ideas?

I had a similar issue but restarting iTunes fixed it. I would make sure you’ve installed the new 6.0.1 update for starters. Let me know if that doesn’t help.

thanks, for your help walt. for everyone out there.. if your updater says “The updater does not have a firmware image” you should try to click to update it through the menu, not by pressing the “update” button. freaky bug! but now it’s working.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been held hostage by my iPod. The worst is when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere and I want to take my iPod along, only to find that it won’t eject. I end up just leaving it home because I know there will be nothing but trouble if I just yank it out of the dock.

Dave do you need to have disk use enabled for your iPod? If you can get away with only using your iPod through iTunes it makes it much easier to disconnect.

I updated my ipod updater software and after it downloaded I closed the ipod updater application….but the ipod still said: do not disconnect. So now Im stuck here not knowing what to do… should I just use the disk removal utility?

John you probably need to eject your iPod. You should be able to eject it through iTunes. If you’re still having trouble you might want to try the iPod Support site.

hi walt my ipod is stuck on the screen of “do not disconnect” and i have tried rebooting it that wont work i have tried connecting it and disconnecting it that didnt work i have tried everything is there anything i can do without loosing all my files on it do they get the hard drive files back for you if you need them? thanks Adam

Hey Adam. Here’s an excellent iPod troubleshooting guide that looks like it covers your issues. Best of luck!


When I try to disconnect my ipod it says on itunes that it can’t because the ipod is using files with another application or something. help!

my ipod is stuck on the do not disconnect screen and when i reset or remove it from the usb all my songs a re gone

if you keep getting the “do not disconnect” option simply go to start-> my computer -> highlight the ipod and click on eject disk it will give you the okay to disconnect.. problem solved :)


I was updating my iPod software using the updater and when it finished it said to leave the iPod connected until it finished some internal processes. It took so long that my computer went to sleep and now I’m stuck with the dreaded do not disconnect screen. I tried restoring the software using the updater but it just says ‘iPod service issue’. iTunes does not recognise my iPod and ejecting it using Windows doesn’t work. The one thing that does work is resetting the iPod by pressing menu and ok for 6 seconds which makes the screen go away for a few seconds but then it comes back. Also when I do this windows gives me a message saying ‘Delayed write failed’. I’ve tried everything I can find on the Apple website including the 5 R’s and nothing is working. I don’t care if I lose my files. Please help me Walt!

Searching Google for “iPod Delay Write Failed” turns up some information about Windows XP’s Write Caching feature and how it can help/hinder iPod synching. I’d recommend checking out what other people have written on that issue since I’ve never come across it myself.

Ive got the same problem as everyone else here. My ipod is stuck on ‘do not disconect’ and there is no way i can reset it. ive tried turning the hold switch on and off and pressing the select key on the click wheel. but it wond do anything. i cant disconect it from windows. Is there any way I can drain the battery to force a restart? If only this thing had an accesable battery, I would just pull it out!

Hey guys, I was fighting this problem for a good two hours , I found a solution and documented it via video , and placed it on Youtube. I hope this helps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dq5qtvBUkvQ

When i plug in my ipod it dosen’t show up in itunes or on the desktop so i disconnect it and reset my ipod by holding menu and the select button and I plug it back in and the process starts all over again

My problem is the same as yours, only my computer won’t read my iPod, so how am I to reset it?!

daxmax, thanks a lot… much more helpful then the ipod website

Thanks daxmax the youtube solution worked.

“do not disconnect” was always on my ipod for like an hour but i was in a hurry so i unpluged it and all my songs were gone and an error accured saying my ipod is too full to upload my songs, then “do not disconnect pops up for another hour and my ipod has no songs! what do i do?


I am having issues with my IPod. My little sister tried to jack the songs off my IPod to put on her Nano. After see hooked my IPod up to her computer, I constantly receive an error saying “Okay to disconnect”. I have to keep hooking the IPod up to my computer to make the error go away. I am unable to listen or use my IPod when the message is on the screen. Any ideas? I was considering using the restore, but I didn’t know if it would wipe everything off of my ITunes software. Thanks.


Hi, I had this problem as well. it was bugging me for a long time until recently I found a great guide of how to fix this problem. Here is the page solution for the ipod do not disconnect problem

Good luck


dinosaur you are a lifesaver! God bless you! Your simple solution got me out of an incredibly annoying ‘do not disconnect’ predicament.

Thanks for the tip(if you keep getting the “do not disconnect” option simply go to start-> my computer -> highlight the ipod and click on eject disk it will give you the okay to disconnect.. problem solved :) May 9, 2006 7:28 PM

Problem SOLVED!! :)


Help! My iPod (20GB photo/clickwheel) was plugged into the computer and without any warning or anything I did, it came up saying that I had disconnected it improperly. Ever since then my Mac says that it cannot read the contents of my iPod and although the iPod still shows in the main menu that it’s memory is mostly used up, it says that I have 0 songs and won’t show them. I got this long before I had a Mac and really need to get the songs back as I have no back up.


i tried to update my ipod with the itunes update when i connected it to itunes and during the process the electricity shut down causing the computer to go off and now my ipod is not even detected on my computer and i’m getting a icon on the ipod screen showing me a battery with an exclamation mark what what i do i dont mind losing my data on the ipod

dinosaur; thank you SOOO much! I thought I’d be teathered forever to my desk waiting for my ipod to give me the ok to disconnect signal until I did what you suggested, and presto, it worked instantly!!

Hey, just wondering if you could help me out. My 60 Gig iPod isn’t working properly. I diconnected it before it was ok to disconnect. Now, it won’t show up in iTunes, but Windows Vista asks if you would like to scan and fix justin’s ipod (G)? When I do, it takes forever to finish, but when it does, nothing happens. How can I restore my iPod?


Hello! Nice site ;) Bye


Hi Walt.

I have an older ipod. It’s from 2004. Well a few weeks ago, I tried putting music onto my ipod through itunes, and itunes randomly kicked off. I tried getting it to reopen but it wouldn’t. I still had not disconnected my ipod, because it still had the screen that said not to on it. SO then I decided to reboot the computer with it still connected. Well it froze my cpu before it barely rebooted for 3 times, so then i got angry that i might of broken my parents new computer and disonnected it. Well now the problem is Walt, it wont recognize my ipod anywhere on my computer, or in Itunes. It still gets the do not disonnect screen but it wont recognize it. Walt can you help me with how to fix it please?

Patrick O'Malley

I did disconnect my Ipod from my computer because it had been charging for over 10 hours. How much damage would ahve been done?

The person who gave it to me said it always says “Do not dsiconnect”. HOw can an Ipod be this difficult to work with?

Thanks, Pat www.patrickomalley.com

I just opened up itunes… went into my ipods little page and clicked “update ipod” it started updating and then once it finished it fixed my problem . GG NO REmATCH ipoD!


my ipod keeps on telling me to do not diconnect and i can’t put any songs…please help me!


i have the same problem as dee! i dont know what to do and im freaking!!!! someone reply ASAP!