December 7, 2005

Temporal Switch-a-roo

I came to the painful realization today that sorting monthly archives in ascending chronological order is Simply Not Done. So upon arriving home this evening I set about making the switch. Tabitha was impressed with how quickly the changes were made.

I’ve always been more in the monthly-archives-are-for-reading-the-story-of-what-happened-that-month-so-why-not-put-them-in-ascending-chronological-order camp. But apparently I’m the only one there. :)



Your “Contact” link is broken. “Ascending Chronological Order” … I’m using your “theme-vicksburg_red” and would like to ask a few questions. Do you hire out?

Hey Fred. I keep meaning to fix that contact link. One of these days I’ll get to it… I’m happy to answer Vicksburg questions. I’ll send you an email.