January 12, 2006

Macworld Expo 2006

Macworld Expo 2006

I switched from desktops and bought the original titanium PowerBook G4 the week after it came out. I loved it. I bought the first 15-inch aluminum PowerBook G4 the day after it came out. I still love it. I’m using it right now.

The MacBook Pro… it just, it isn’t, it’s not quite doing it for me. I guess it’s because my current laptop is still happily chugging away but I also think the specs on the MBP aren’t the kind of shift I was hoping for.

I need more. What more? I don’t even know… but I’ll take a shot:

  • The 2GHz Core Duo processor. (Why are the iMacs having all the fun?)
  • 1920 by 1200 pixel resolution. (Yes, I can read type that small.)
  • AirPort UltraMegaMegaExtreme. (802.11n!)
  • More FireWire ports. (One is the loneliest number.)
  • Zero card slots. (I’ve never seen anyone use one of these. Ever.)
  • “Something Wonderful” (C’mon Apple. Front Row and Photo Booth are snoozers. Blow my mind.)

So yeah. I may wait for the second revision this time around. Or the third. Or consider an iMac. Or simply wait for the next big thing. It should be right around the corner. :)

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Sean Peisert

Then there’s the matter of the dual-core chip. Apple says 4x faster, but let’s be realistic: that’s for some spec benchmark that’s made to use both chips efficiently, with good processor utilization, and not overfilling the memory bus, etc… What about the rest of us using OmniWeb, Eudora, etc…? Will those use multiprocessors? Doubt it.

Yeah, I read that the benchmark comparisons this time around are particularly sketchy. :) Still, I’m looking forward to getting a chance to use one for a few minutes (preferably in an environment where I don’t have to chit-chat with an Apple employee at the same time) so I can see how snappy they are.

Anil Dash

I’m the guy. I use card slots. Granted, I don’t use them for much (handy place to put a reader for my camera’s media card) but I do use them. Just wanted to go out on a limb and fight for the card slot.

They have this wireless powerpoint slideshow clicker that stores and charges in your card slot, too. That’s kinda cool, having things stowaway in your laptop.

hey Walt!

as a big PC fan (b/c of AMD processors, support for games, custom building/overclocking, and no problems with WinXP) and experienced Mac user (graphic design at work) I have a love for both systems for different reasons. I can love both right?

I’ve always debated getting a Mac at home, but simply feel more comfortable (and faster) on a PC. At the same time, I’m still interested in Apple’s new products and can imagine one day getting a Mac for the house (to connect to a PC network of course) ;)

I too don’t like the looks of the new advertising claims (4x). lol. benchmark processing and real-world use are very different ways to judge “….x faster than before.” I will stop by the Shibuya, Tokyo Apple store sometime soon and fiddle around playing “dumb foreigner” to avoid annoying sales people.

1 more vote for a media card reader (SD slot is handy on my Acer laptop for transfering photos).

OMG! Anil Dash! On my humble corner of the interweb. :) So YOU’RE the one! Stashing whoknowswhat in your card slot. For shame. :) I read something the other day about cards that could provide twin, full speed FireWire 800 ports. So I guess that’s something.

Ricky! You can love both. You just have to love Apple more. :) They’re definitely getting some heat for the speed claims. I finally got to try out a new iMac, it’s nice but I still feel like my current machine can handle what I throw at it. :)