February 12, 2006



I think I may have overdone it. I miss my hair.

Update: Now with friendlier-looking photos. :)


Nonsense. But you may need either some type of Clooney-in-From-Dusk-Till-Down sprawling ink job, or an earring.

Life’s short. Make it happen.

Lilia Ahner

It’s amazing how a smile makes a world of difference in how your new haircut is perceived! I saw the earlier, more angst-ridden photos, and I was thinking that you didn’t look like a happy camper in either the Before or After photos.

I suspect I may not be the best judge of photos of myself. :) To me they’re all just a bunch of goofy looks. But clearly the previous set was communicating a rather specific (yet unintended) message. I was just trying to find two with roughly the same expression. So anyway, yes, new photos! :)

What you need is a black turtleneck. “She had hair so long that it looked like weave / Then she cut it all off now she look like Steve.”

Congratulations to Anil for being the first to make the “Walt wants to be Steve” joke. I hereby invoke the iWalt.com-flavored version of Godwin’s Law and declare this discussion over. You’re all free to continue snickering, as long as you’re aware that no further productive discourse is possible. (Not that it ever was.) :)

I think they’re both good. I guess good looks just run in the family.

hey bryce. yeah, so walt obviously got his good looks from you! ;). and congratulations on the engagemnent bryce, have a date set? Sayonara!