March 4, 2006

On This Day: 2006 Edition

Hello! This is the “On This Day” summary for 2006 (and 2005 since I didn’t do one last year). You may remember this meme from such earlier entries as, “On This Day” (circa 2003) and “On This Day: 2004 Edition”. If not, all you need to know is that I have inexplicably chosen March 4th as the day for taking little yearly bloggy snapshots. So without any further ado…

Last year, on this day, Tab and I had been married for almost a year. We were living in our first Burlingame apartment, just off El Camino Real, near Broadway. It was smaller than the huge place we had in Berkeley, but it had an enormous closet which we filled from floor to ceiling. The main advantage to living in Burlingame was that we no longer had to commute by car to the peninsula from the East Bay. I had been working at Six Apart for almost a year as well, which necessitated the car commute when the office was in San Mateo. Once 6A moved to SF, both Tab and I were able to commute by train to our respective jobs.

This year, we’ve moved again but stayed in Burlingame. We’re still riding CalTrain to work so when the Broadway station closed we figured it was a good opportunity to upgrade apartments. (For the first time in four years we have a dishwasher!) Work is wonderfully busy and fun. The cat’s doing well after having two of her teeth pulled out and despite being occasionally stuffed into her travel cage for long trips. We’ve been getting out for walks and hikes and exercise though probably (at least on my side) not as much as we should. As for the rest of the year, there are some pretty exciting things going on at work and we’re both looking forward to Bryce and Lou’s wedding and now Tim and Julie’s wedding as well!


Ed Kohler

I can’t figure out who their audience is for the iTunes shows. Certainly not regular watchers, since they’d be better of getting cable than paying on a per episode basis. Maybe people who can’t get enough of Kate Beckinsdale, don’t have cable, so will pay to see her on the Daily Show or any other show she’s on?

Well, it worked for me as far as Battlestar Galactica was concerned. I got into the show once the miniseries and first season were already on DVD so I watched those via Netflix. About the time I finished up the first season, the first half of the second season was released on DVD. And as soon as I was through with those, the second half of the second season started up and I was able to watch it in near real-time via iTunes. Pretty nice deal considering I don’t have any kind of television service.