May 2008

May 25, 2008

Indiana Jones IV

I’m finding it very difficult to rank the Indiana Jones movies after seeing this latest installment. One thing I’m quite sure of is that Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade place higher than Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

But despite the shortcomings of the 2nd and 4th films, they’re both still pure Indy gold and you can’t help but love them. Harrison Ford just owns that role so completely, and the villains are just so comically goofy, that you just have to shovel popcorn into your mouth and enjoy it.

Update: Sounds like a few other people liked it too. Time to make another one!

May 14, 2008

The Gym

I went to a university with a brand new, state of the art gymnasium. I think it was essentially free to the students and you could literally get lost inside it. I spent probably 15 minutes in that building the entire time I was there.

After college I didn’t make any effort to join a gym although for a while I was living on Nob Hill in San Francisco, working on Market Street, and walking to and from work every day. I’m not sure what the elevation change was exactly, but that was probably close to the best shape I’ve ever been in.

Tabitha, unlike myself, needs to go to the gym. She can’t not. When I started going with her about a year or so ago, I found it pretty brutal. But of course its grown on me considerably and these days I almost, almost, look forward to going.

May 5, 2008


Tab and I went to Monterey for the weekend and had a really nice time relaxing, eating well, wandering, and generally taking it easy.

We made a point to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and tried to see pretty much everything, including the behind-the-scenes tour.

My main camera’s battery turned out not to be as charged as I thought it was so I spent a lot more time goofing off with the little video camera than I normally do. Expect to see more videos of otters appearing on Flickr soon. :)

Update: It’s starting already!

May 3, 2008

Chocoholics Chocononymous

My office generously keeps the kitchen full of drinks and snacks in order to help us optimize our blood sugar levels. Over time, I’ve noticed that as the distance between my desk and the kitchen decreases, the number of trips I make to the chocolate drawer has increased. Exponentially.

So this last week, every time I wanted to get some M&Ms, or a Mini Baby Ruth, or a York Peppermint Pattie, I got a glass of water instead. I drank a tremendous amount of water. I’m planning to keep this trend going for as long as I can.

Update: We’re in week three of operation no-snack!

May 1, 2008

Flashback: Mono

A little over a year ago I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart absolutely racing. My temperature was extremely high as well and for the next several weeks, I had a fever and just felt exhausted all the time. After the third week and several doctors visits they finally ran some tests and concluded that I had Mono.

No, thanks for asking, I have no idea where or how or I got it. :) Plus, I was 30 for crying out loud. I thought you couldn’t get Mono when you’re that old. Also, yes, it did take a very long time to completely get over it.

So yeah, that’s no fun but thankfully it’s long behind me now which makes it a prime candidate for our new series, Things I Didn’t Blog About at the Time.

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