April 2015

April 18, 2015

“We’re home.”

OMG everybody. This Star Wars trailer. I feel compelled to blog. Please bear with me.

The Force Awakens

Gorgeous. Has a nice, “Remember those things you loved about Star Wars?” hint to it.

The Force Awakens

I love this for so many reasons. Luke’s (It’s gotta be Luke right? With the “I have it” line?) mechanical hand resting on Artoo’s head. They’ve been through a lot together. At least one of them is probably coming to the end of their road. (Just guessing.)

The Force Awakens

Obi-Wan giving Anakin’s lightsaber to Luke in Episode IV is such a fantastic moment. Now here we’ve got someone (with bracelets) giving someone’s (Vader’s?) lightsaber to someone (female? Leia? too young?). (“My sister has it.”) So great.

(Listening to The Incomparable: It sounds like this could be, somehow, also Anakin’s lightsaber.)

The Force Awakens

Action! Explosions! No time to discuss this as a committee!

The Force Awakens

Who is this shiny fellow? A chrome-plated stormtrooper with a cape, eh? I’m intrigued.

The Force Awakens

I already love this little droid as if it were my very own. (And probably will as soon as they start selling them.)

The Force Awakens

Come with me if you want to SAVE THE GALAXY! I have a feeling these two are going to make quite a team. Also, do you get the feeling that the working title for this episode was “John Boyega’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”? He’s experiencing a lot of stress in every single shot we’ve seen him in so far.

(Listening to The Incomparable: I love how much everyone is picking up on this.)

The Force Awakens

♫ Naaaiiillld it! ♫

Ugh, and the music in this thing. Love it. The “you have that power too”… MYSTERY BOX!

P.S. This reaction video from Star Wars Celebration is fantastic too. :)

April 4, 2015

Mills Canyon

One of our newest favorite hikes. Anne made it most of the way around the loop before climbing into the backpack this time. Then we did the loop again. :)

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