Want to feel old? Thanksgiving was a week ago.

Sportsball Fan

The Suite Life at AT&T Park

I really enjoyed Steve Inskeep’s interview with Carlos Monje, Twitter’s head of public policy this morning. “Why do the users who know your service best, commonly describe it as a ‘cesspool’?” *Five seconds of dead air followed by a dodge.*

The new Chrome UI is really nice. My favorite tab style was the one with the angled sides with slightly curved corners, but this latest approach is pretty solid. I like that they moved the Google ID into the main bar and gave it a menu. I think the tabs could stand to lose some vertical space in order to line up better with the window controls though.

I updated my list of Pixar movies and short films.

I don’t always sit in the passenger’s seat. But when I do, I prefer that the sunset does something like this.


The only time I feel like I ever see those wider-gamut colors that modern devices support is in these flowers.


Experimenting with title-less posts. Just like in the good ol’ days.