Want to feel old? Thanksgiving was a week ago.

October 20, 2018

How to Vote

Sportsball Fan

The Suite Life at AT&T Park

September 4, 2018

Thank You For Today

Trying out Apple Music’s new embeddable thing-a-ma-jig:

August 31, 2018

NetNewsWire Comes Home

Brent Simmons:

After some years spent traveling the world, NetNewsWire is now back where it started! It’s my app again.

This makes me so happy. Here’s the first mention of NetNewsWire on this site.

I really enjoyed Steve Inskeep’s interview with Carlos Monje, Twitter’s head of public policy this morning. “Why do the users who know your service best, commonly describe it as a ‘cesspool’?” *Five seconds of dead air followed by a dodge.*

The new Chrome UI is really nice. My favorite tab style was the one with the angled sides with slightly curved corners, but this latest approach is pretty solid. I like that they moved the Google ID into the main bar and gave it a menu. I think the tabs could stand to lose some vertical space in order to line up better with the window controls though.

I updated my list of Pixar movies and short films.

August 20, 2018

The New New York Times

NYT: Meet Our New Home Page

In a few weeks, we will update our home page with a new design that we’ve been testing with a small group of readers since last year.


I don’t always sit in the passenger’s seat. But when I do, I prefer that the sunset does something like this.



  • 45 days until AJ’s 8th Birthday.
  • 88 days until Captain Marvel.
  • 137 days until Avengers 4.
  • 151 days until our 15th anniversary.
  • 375 days until Star Wars: Episode IX.