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Racists burning Nike gear is the best PR the company could possibly ask for.

You heard that right. NetNewsWire is back home!


I really enjoyed Steve Inskeep’s interview with Carlos Monje, Twitter’s head of public policy this morning. “Why do the users who know your service best, commonly describe it as a ‘cesspool’?” *Five seconds of dead air followed by a dodge.*

The new Chrome UI is really nice. My favorite tab style was the one with the angled sides with slightly curved corners, but this latest approach is pretty solid. I like that they moved the Google ID into the main bar and gave it a menu. I think the tabs could stand to lose some vertical space in order to line up better with the window controls though.

I’ve worked since the end of last year to create a comprehensive screenshot library of every major version of macOS since the Mac OS X Public Beta.

It’s currently 1,502 images.

Check it out:


Icro is now open-source! Github

There is no scenario where Twitter turns back into the thing we loved.

Oh, not to forget: A favorite action button 😅

Icro 1.1 got approved. I hope it shows up soon. Major new feature is the image uploading to micropub media endpoints; including Micro.blog.


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