July 22, 2000


So sorry to anyone who’s been to iWalt.com in the past month more than once. (Not that that’s very likely.) It seems that DSL can take up to 6 weeks to get installed. I find this utterly ludicrous and ultimately self-destructive of the company but that’s apparently the way it is. Once the DSL is online iWalt.com will relaunch (as usual) to celebrate its one year anniversary. (Or is it birthday?) What’s new with me you are dying to know? I’m working part time while slowly seeking real employment. (And thus slowly going broke so throw me a frickin’ bone if you hear of anyone willing to throw money at a snazzy web designer.) I’m still sorting out my new place (and loving it). And Tabitha will be back in town soon so I’m happy to be seeing her again. That’s all for now. =-)

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