June 25, 2001


Like I say, I went to the fair this weekend. Parked for free, bought a hat for hiking, ate a BBQed turkey leg (like heaven they taste), road a ride I never thought I’d try, saw some impressive-looking flowers. All-in-all a good day. Earlier on Saturday though Tabitha and I went walking/hiking up through Rose Canyon, eventually finding ourselves crawling/walking through a four foot high space under one of the interchange ramps between the 805 and the 52. It was, to say the least, quite cool. To me. This morning I spent a while learning how to fix my VCR which stopped doing much of anything about 6 months ago. Including ejecting the tape inside it or staying on for more than a few seconds. Now I have the tape (undamaged) and the thing stays on. No more tapes though. At least I can use it as a TV tuner. And that was my weekend. Oh, I made cookies for my genius girlfriend who’s going to completely dominate and destroy the GRE test she’s taking in a few months! =-)

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