July 7, 2001


Last night Tabitha and I walked up La Jolla Shores Beach in the hopes of finding some of the red tide which has been reported in the area. Although we walked as far north as we could we found no evidence of any glowing breakers so we jumped in the car and took the windy coast road up to northwestern Del Mar. After a bit of aimless wandering through the sidestreets of one of San Diego’s more expensive-looking neighborhoods we found ourselves stomping on the wet sand and watching the bioluminescent glow ripple outward. After watching the waves crash and crackle their light for a little while we headed back. Today we spent the morning, once again, at Torrey Pines State Park where the post-Fourth of July Weekend crowd was out en-masse soaking up the sun and soaking in the ocean. I carried Tabitha on my back across a nearly waist high river which both seems to feed and be fed by the Pacific Ocean. I only wish I had video or at least a photo of the piggyback ride and the glowing sand.

On closer inspection it seems as though today’s outing has left me a mighty impressive sunburn on my face and neck. Mark my words, I’m going to die someday due to massive skin cancer of the face.

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