July 14, 2001

Sniffing Your Browser

I started tracking the id strings of the browsers which hit iWalt.com a couple months ago. So far we’ve counted 182 distinct browser id strings. Using that information, iWalt.com determines the best style sheet for your browser, and the site (or at least the new parts of the site) are formatted accordingly.

You: “Cut the crap Walt, what does this mean to me?”

What it means, basically, is that IE for Windows doesn’t get the CSS box model right (even in 6.0 Beta despite what Zeldman says) so depending whether you visit iWalt with a “good” browser (IE for Mac, Netscape 6) or a “bad” browser (IE for Win) you’ll get the same well-formed boxes and clean (but different) CSS style definitions. And for the rest of you (Netscape < 6, IE < 5, OmniWeb) get no style sheets at all currently, sorry.

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