August 3, 2001

The Ant War

Ants have declared war on my room. Their axis of advancement covers the length of my room in two directions. They out number me, but I have the superior technology against which no ant can hold its ground. The vacuum. They may swarm my carpet, but they’ll never take my freedom.

That being said, what’s new with me… Went to my cousin’s wedding in Denver last weekend. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to an extended-family event and felt more at ease. Maybe it was because the event wasn’t about me in any way or maybe because I could recoil into conversation with an immediate family member at any time. Who knows. I didn’t see much of Denver but I did get some good Denver-style bug bites.

What else, the new forums have gone live with only a few small bugs to iron out. (Whoops, just discovered another one.) I got a lot of cleaning done this week. Got some good weekend plans in the works. And I need to pay some bills! =-)

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