August 27, 2001


So, my sore throat evolved into a nice little head cold, then crawled down my spine and made me completely lazy. Tabitha’s in roughly the same boat, although about one day ahead of me.

Which reminds me, Tabitha and I fight (playfully but) constantly about who gets to pay for what. “I’d like to pay for dinner.” “But I invited you to dinner.” “Well let me pay for gas.” “Then let me pay you for this…” etc.

My proposed solution? PayPal. The online payment service. Once we both establish accounts, one of us can pay the other for anything we feel like at any time. Imagine the horrifyingly complicated justifications we’d have to make to each other then. =-)

Tabitha says we’re not going to be doing this by the way. And, of course, I have to agree with her. But if you’re in the same boat, trying to be nice and pay for dinner but your significant other won’t let you. Just talk them into signing up with PayPal and pay for as much as you like.

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