November 16, 2001


As you may or may not know. I read and send e-mail through a web-based tool which I wrote in PHP. It sucks the mail from various servers and dumps them into the database. Then I can sort them and mailbox them as I see fit.

The problem with this little system of mine is that when I make a mistake in the code, things get screwed up. Today, after a little searching, I discovered that my software was doing a terrible job sending e-mails to people who have quotes in their reply-to strings. This includes my Dad who probably thinks that I’ve been ignoring his e-mail for the past year or so. =-)

Anyway, I’ll be going through the e-mail I’ve recieved over the past year soon and appologizing to everyone who may not have been getting my e-mails. is a learning process, and sometimes it blows up in my face. Someday it will be perfect. =-)

One more note: My address has been very sluggish recently and I’m fairly certain that this is not my software’s fault. If you’ve been writing to me recently and I haven’t gotten back try me again. Or try, I check them both regularly.

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