December 10, 2001

Back the same day.


My Dad woke up in Santa Rosa at 1:00am on Saturday, took a bus to Oakland, flew to San Diego, drove back with me in a truck and was home again at 11:00pm. It was quite a day. I couldn’t have done it without him.

I’m settling into my new place, arranging my few pieces of furniture, washing my dishes, patching up some bugs. (The JavaScript error may be resolved now but I can’t test it on my machine. Let me know.) My Habbo Hotel room is getting dangerously close to being nicer than my reallife place. =-)

I’ve also been spending an annoying amount of time watching the Episode II and Fellowship of the Ring trailers. I really want both these movies not to suck. I’m thinking the first Lord of the Rings movie is going to be better than Attack of the Clones. Even Yoda is suspicious.

[Update: Ooh! Some Monsters Inc. outtakes are on the web!]