December 20, 2001

Life in the rainy lane.

Clay Street

I successfully hosted my first guest at my modestly sized matchbook of an apartment. Mark, my old boss from San Diego, elected to sleep on my two-seater sofa. Like sardines we were. =-) Anyway, it went off without a hitch and I learned a valuable lesson, guests like it when there are cookies around for them to munch on.

In other news: Tabitha and I are exploiting the “fly within California for $30 one-way” deal that Southwest is offering. I’ve got two flights scheduled in the coming months, both utilizing personal-days off from work and one taking advantage of a holiday.

Tomorrow’s the last day of work for a week for me. I’m off to Santa Rosa once again. I might take offline for a couple days to make some repairs to the underpinnings. Not sure if I’ll even have time for that though. =-)

I hope everyone enjoys their breaks. I’m off to see Lord of the Rings tomorrow night. Tabitha and Bryce arrive the following day. Whoo-hoo!

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